Experiential Learning with Horses
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Experiential Learning with Horses

What's New For  2014

New Levels of Certification 

The E3A Board of Directors has approved two levels of certification for E3A, beginning in 2014.

Level I is a knowledge-based certification based on successful completion of the first three E3A classes and passing the self-tests that correspond to each class. 

Students who have previously taken IN-1, IN2/3 and ARCORP1 or FUND-1, FUND-2 and CERT-2 are eligible to be grandfathered in as an E3A Certified Practitioner. If you have taken those classes previously, you will receive a letter explaining the changes and how they effect you.

Level II is a competency-based certification based on successful completion of the Specialty Certification class (C4, previously known as ARCORP-2 or CERT-3). 

This is an advanced certification allowing you to specialize by planning and conducting a Corporate, Education or Personal Development workshop for real clients, and being evaluated on your performance by E3A Master Trainer(s). You will be evaluated on 45 criteria, including your proposal, pre-workshop assessment, identification of issues and appropriate horse activities, workshop set-up and facilitation, and workshop summary report. You will also be asked to create an original horse activity to give to the organization. 

Individuals who have previously byE3A will automatically receive a new certificate as an E3A Certified Advanced Practitioner (Specialty of Corporate, Education, or Personal Development). The specialty is based on the type of workshop given.

During early 2014, we will be contacting members who have previously completed these courses and qualify for certification at either Level I and/or Level II.

IMPORTANT: In order to keep your status as an E3A Certified Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner, you must remain an E3A member. If you have allowed your membership to lapse, please call the office right away to renew your membership so that you can continue to receive the benefits of membership, including maintaining your certification status.

If you have any questions about what this means for you, feel free to contact the office at 775-376-2530 or Staff@E3Assoc.org.


Healing with Horse Symposium

In addition to the regular trainings we offer, E3A has again been asked to present at the Healing with Horse Symposium in the Denver Area May 15-18, 2014. We've been asked to present a demonstration of our Five-Question Model (The E3A Facilitation Model) to the whole group! We have also been offered the opportunity of holding a Post-Symposium Workshop on StrengthsFinders with Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). Check our website to learn more!


Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn

If you have not already done so, please sign up for our E3A groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Just go to those sites and search for E3A or Equine Experiential Education. Join us as a member of the group, "like" us on Facebook, and join our discussions! Create a topic or comment on a discussion thread. This is a relatively new industry, so we need to build visibility for Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Experiential Education.


We are on YouTube! Take a look at our new video showing our E3A programs.



Volunteer Opportunities

E3A wants to involve our members! We are primarily a volunteer organization, and we have plenty of ways to involve members in E3A's activities. If you have particular skills or time and would like to volunteer, please go to the Volunteer Opportunities Section located on the menu to the right on our home page and sign up! We want to see the Equine Assisted Learning field grow strong, and we want this work to reach the awareness of those who especially need the wisdom of horses can provide. We hope you will partner with us (and the horses) to build awareness, not only of E3A, but of all the practitioners in the EAL field (including YOU). Please support us, and let us know how we can best support you.

P.S. Tax deductible donations are also welcome.



Our Board President, Linda Pucci Phd, was a recent guest on "Life's Journey with Tim Manson". The program is an internet media event streamed on the "VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel". The subject of the podcast was "the Power of Horses Helping People". Linda shared our vision, mission, and facilitation method with Tim's audience. Now, you can listen to the program by going to: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/74773/equine-experiential-education-association


Contact the Equine Experiential Education Association by e-mail:  staff@e3assoc.org or call us at 775-376-2530.

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